What is Stable Skills?

The Ready Set Trot Stable Skills program is a junior participation program designed to allow children who have an interest in horses but may not have access to a horse of their own (or may just be starting the learn the basics) the opportunity to have fun and learn about horses in a practical environment.

Stable Skills Overview


The Ready Set Trot Stable Skills program is structured to maximise Participant opportunities and value whilst providing an affordable introductory program to learn horse riding. Most importantly, children are taught the fundamentals of horsemanship, horse safety and proper horse care and welfare.

There are four levels that make up Ready Set Trot Stable Skills – Green, Yellow, Red and Blue.

Participants work through each level, and will need to achieve the specific outcomes within that level before progressing to the next stage. Skills are achieved through both mounted and unmounted activities, with Participants marking down achievements and completing theory tasks in their handbooks.


The Stable Skills program has been designed to be delivered flexibly while ensuring consistent outcomes and expectations are seen by Participants and their parents. As such, the Delivery Provider or coach may dictate a specific suitable delivery model that meets the needs of the Provider and Participant.

Ready Set Trot Stable Skills can be delivered on an individual basis or within groups,  utilising either the child’s own horse or supplemented schooled horses.

Coaching Fees

Ready Set Trot providers are given the choice to set their own lesson fee prices. However, as a provider of Ready Set Trot, they are expected to also support Ready Set Trot as a beginners program and set coaching fees at a minimal rate which aligns with the Ready Set Trot recommended lesson fees.

For more information on the Ready Set Trot Stable Skills program, please refer to the Ready Set Trot Overview Information Pack.

Stable Skills Restructure

As a response to feedback we’ve received over the first two years of the Ready Set Trot program, a number of positive enhancements to better improve the structure, delivery, resources, fee structure and the online registration process have been made.

For more information on the new program changes, please refer to the Ready Set Trot Summary of Changes.

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