Ready Set Trot NSW Carnival


The first NSW Ready Set Trot Carnival kicked off 30th September to great success! Threat of thunderclouds loomed, however that didn’t stop the over 100 parents and kids attending the Ready Set Trot Carnival, complete with pony rides, a jumping castle and horse themed games and activities.

Pony rides were the main event, with kids lining up a second or third time, jostling for position to ride one of their favourite ponies Buddy or Kimmy. Ready Set Trot Ambassador Megan Jones made a special appearance at the Carnival, challenging participants to a fast paced cross country game, where the fastest competitor won the golden prize of a high five from Megan. Carnival goers were also encouraged to walk the grounds of the Sydney International Equestrian Centre to watch all the equestrian action taking place during the 2015 Australian Interschool Championships.

The day finished with the Ready Set Trot Challenge; a fun unmounted competition that included mental and physical obstacles to test participants speed and horse knowledge. All Carnival goers and Interschool competitors were invited to partake in the Ready Set Trot Challenge, with a total of 150 kids competing for the ultimate Ready Set Trot prize pack.

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