Important Information

Find all the specific information you need to know about your child participating in the Ready Set Trot program here.

What to do BEFORE registering!

It is important to find a coach that your child can complete the Ready Set Trot program with BEFORE registering and purchasing the relevant pack. You can find a registered Delivery Provider/Coach close to you by using the search fields on the Delivery Provider List. Speak to a Delivery Provider/Coach about the associated lesson fees as well as the availability for your child. Unfortunately, as the pack is yours to keep, we cannot give refunds on Ready Set Trot registration if you have trouble finding a coach or do not complete the program.

Finding a Delivery Provider/Coach

Use the “Find a Coach” button below to search through the complete list of registered Ready Set Trot Delivery Providers. You can use the contact details listed to contact the Delivery Provider, organise dates/time for the Ready Set Trot lessons and negotiate the lesson fees. In most cases, your child’s Ready Set Trot registration (and pack) is paid separately to the lesson fees – direct to the Delivery Provider/Coach. However in some cases a Delivery Provider/Coach may offer package deals that include Ready Set trot registration, pack and lessons as a whole price – in this case the Delivery Provider will facilitate your child’s registration on your behalf so there is nothing further you will need to do.

If you can not find a coach in your local area simply fill out the form and the Ready Set Trot team will try and put you in touch with one.

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What to look for in a Delivery Provider/Coach

Although every measure is taken by the Ready Set Trot team to ensure that registered Delivery Providers maintain the mandatory requirements for delivery and deliver the program in accordance with the guidelines and structures set out nationally, we do also need your help to keep an eye out for;

  • The coach is registered as a Ready Set Trot Delivery Provider
  • The coach delivering the program has one or more current EA, PCA or RDA (Australia) NCAS Coaching qualifications – you can check this by asking the coach for their qualification certificate or contacting the relevant body national office.
  • The Delivery Provider/Coach has maintained their adequate insurance to cover them to deliver Ready Set Trot and horse riding lessons to beginners – you can check this by asking to view their Insurance Certificate of Currency.
  • The facilities, equipment and horses used look like they are in good condition – i.e. not broken or looking damaged – if you are concerned, first talk to the owner/head coach or contact us.

Registering Online

It is quick and easy to register your child for Ready Set Trot. The first step is to complete a profile for your child, then progress through to their profile page where you will be promoted to pay for the first level – the Stable Skills Green Ribbon level. Payment is via credit card through the website and you will be emailed a receipt directly to the listed email address. After payment for the respective level, your child’s pack will be sent to the address listed on the profile and they can start attending lessons with their registered Delivery Provider/Coach.

You child is encouraged to return to the website to complete their journal, quiz and download their certificate AFTER finishing their lessons. Ready Set Trot recommends that you participate in these elements with your child while they are using the online resource. This in turn, unlocks the ability to register and pay for the consecutive level of the Stable Skills program.

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Participant Requirements

It is important that both you and your child understand that horse riding can be a dangerous activity – your accredited coach’s first priority is to keep you safe while you are having fun; so it is all the more essential to follow any safety or directional instructions from Coaches or Delivery Provider staff.

It is also important to ensure you discuss with the Delivery Provider/Coach before your first lesson what you need to bring along and what is expected – this may include where to park, driving slowly around horses, wearing closed-toed shoes with a specific sole, type of pants, t-shirt to cover shoulders and hat for sunny days and removing all jewelry.

Parent Involvement

While Ready Set Trot Stable Skills might be for kids, parents can still get involved too!
We strongly encourage parents to be actively involved in their children’s activities, and therefore welcome all parents to be involved in their child’s Ready Set Trot experience. Parents who wish to be involved may want to:

  • Help out – contact your child’s Ready Set Trot delivery provider and offer your time as a volunteer or an extra helping hand. Delivery providers may need help setting up/packing away equipment, organising and supervising participants, or even delivery assistants!
  • Spectate – If you are not able to help out, you can still be involved by joining in on the fun and watching your child at each step through the program.