How to Get Involved

It is easy to get your child involved in Ready Set Trot – but there is some important information for you to read first.

Ribbon LevelsRibbon Levels

Ready Set Trot Stable Skills is an outcome-based program, focused on the improvement and development of the participant as they learn how to ride. The program is divided into four Ribbon Levels – Green to Yellow, Red to Blue.

Participants can register with Stable Skills at the Green level and progress through activities, tests and challenges with each lesson at their own pace; transferring between both mounted and unmounted activities.


Registration and Resource Fees for participants are outlined below:

Green Ribbon Yellow Ribbon Red Ribbon Blue Ribbon
$55.00 $27.00 $27.00 $27.00


Upon registration, participants are given a Participant Pack – including an A5 Folder with activity sheets, a Ready Set Trot helmet cover, wristband, sticker and pen. All participant pack information can be found by clicking here.

Coaching fees are priced separately from the program and are managed by the specific Ready Set Trot coach or delivery provider. Ask your coach or delivery provider directly for their fee prices before booking lessons and registering for the Ready Set Trot program.


Registering for Ready Set Trot is quick and easy – and can all be done online!

Make sure you read the Information for parents BEFORE registering.

Search through our Delivery Providers List to see if there is an active Ready Set Trot provider near you.

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