The Ready Set Trot program provides a unique opportunity for young Australians to get involved with horses.

The Ready Set Trot brand and its specific programs can be used by coaches and clubs as a platform to expand their current services and attract new participants to their riding facility. Some of the benefits include:

Recruitment of New Clients

Coaches, clubs and businesses can use the Ready Set Trot brand and it’s national recognition to attract and engage with new markets of prospective clients including schools, parents and beginner riders.

Supplement Existing Programs

The Ready Set Trot programs can be used as a lesson platform or as a means of supplementing existing coaching programs by providing a structure of outcomes and skills for participants to work towards. The program can also encourage ideas for activities, provide lesson materials and aids and entice participants with the Ready Set Trot participant packs.

Marketing and Promotional Support

All Ready Set Trot providers receive access to a suite of marketing and promotional resources that can be used to promote their own business using the Ready Set Trot brand. Marketing resources include online business/coaching profiles, adaptable Ready Set Trot flyers, media templates and event guides.

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