About Ready Set Trot

Ready Set Trot Stable Skills is a beginner riders program allowing children with an interest in horses and who may not have access to a horse of their own (or might be starting to learn the basics) the opportunity to have fun and get started in equestrian sport.

Ready Set Trot aims to introduce children to horses and provide them with a better understanding of horsemanship in a fun and exciting way. Ready Set Trot strives to teach children the fundamentals of horsemanship, allow them to sample opportunities within the horse industry and build a lifelong passion for horses.

Commitment to Safety

We are committed to providing a safe environment during the course of each child’s participation within the Ready Set Trot program. Whether participating in mounted or unmounted activities, children are monitored and taught the essentials of staying safe around horses. Coaches delivering Ready Set Trot require appropriate coach accreditation and are responsible for ensuring their insurance is maintained and up-to-date. We recommend parents follow up with their Ready Set Trot coach to confirm they have their current coaching requirements.

How to Get Involved